The MARREW theme is a lightweight, fast, modular based WordPress website. Designed as a simple to use builder, currently with a growing base of 22 essential modules perfect for any service based business. 

With the use of modules and theme customizer the design and layout of the website is completely flexible. Include as many pages as you want, showcase multiple services, customise the height of images, fonts, colours and text and much more. 



MARREW Theme - Module List

Individual modules allow you to build the pages you want, any way you want to.

1. Header 2. Button Link Text
3. Pull Quote 4. Product/Team Member
5. Cover Image Gallery* 6. Partners
7. Subscribe 8. Form
9. Service 10. Text & Gallery
11. Google Map 12. Articles
13. Staff Slider 14. Heading and ID
15. Image and Video Gallery* 16. Image and Text
17. Image Wrapped Text 18. Article Search and Category List
19. Story Module 20. Article Tag Filter
21. Left Right Video and Image* 22. Divider Live

Stop repeating content. Centralised modules allows you to add the content once and reuse it across the website, just by adding the corresponding module to the page. 

  1. Articles - Custom article template which allows for additional modules to be added to the article. 
  2. Staff
  3. Services
  4. MARREW Footer Options 
  5. Mega Menu ( created using custom links in native WP menu builder)
  6. Pages
    1. Jump to menu and Submenu
    2. SEO content 
    3. Page builder
    4. Schema Info

Included plugins

We have kept the modules light to improve security and increase site speed. 

  • Ninja Forms 
  • SVG Support

* Video and image modules allow for video file, Vimeo or YouTube embed. 

Video walk through - See our builder in action. 

Multiple features with regular updates including new themes and modules

here are some the features you can expect.

One page application easy

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Get the look you need

Simple editing, as easy as filling in a form

Over 22 easy to use modules

Loaded with Google and Ninja Forms